May 19, 2024

Review of Mountain Dew VooDEW flavors

Recently, PepsiCo released a product to their online store, as well as Walmart and Amazon’s online stores. The product is called The Ghosts of VooDEW Past variety pack. 

For those who do not know, starting in 2019 up until now Mountain Dew has released a new flavor every year around Halloween called Mountain Dew VooDoo. It’s always a mystery and the flavor is revealed by PepsiCo at the end of every October. 

At the time of writing this, the mystery flavor for the fourth flavor of VooDEW has yet to be revealed. Thanks to the variety pack I was able to try both the first and second VooDEWflavors. 

Now with four of those under my belt I can properly tier them.

If I am being honest, the first three flavors all taste quite similar. This makes sense as they are all candy flavored. 

VooDEW1.0 is candy corn flavored. Out of the four flavors this one is my favorite. It may be one of my favorite flavors of all time. It strikes near perfect amounts of sweetness in the drink. The only overall flavor that I can confidently say I like more is Mountain Dew Black Label. It is easily my favorite limited flavor.

VooDEW 2.0 is Fruit Candy Explosion flavored with many people claiming that it tastes like Skittles. I would be inclined to agree. It tastes like VooDEW 1.0 but a little sweeter and more fruity. It is pretty good but I do not think I would be tracking it down just to try some. I might consider paying for it if I were to come across some at a gas station or something like that.

The third flavor is VooDEW 3.0 which is Fruit Candy Chews flavored. To me and many others, this flavor is basically Starburst. This is probably my least favorite flavor as it is both frutier and sweeter than VooDEW 2.0. It is not a terrible flavor but I do not think I would spend the money on it unless I was desperate for Mountain Dew with no other flavors. I would drink it if it was given to me for free.

The last flavor is VooDEW 4.0, which at the time of this writing has yet to be revealed, to me tastes like Sour Patch Kids. This is my second favorite VooDEW flavor. I like it more than VooDEW 2.0 and VooDEW 3.0 but not as much as I like VooDEW 1.0.

I do really enjoy the new VooDEW that comes out every year and I do hope that PepsiCo continues to do it next year. The cans are always colorful and look really nice in my collection. If you are interested in purchasing a Ghosts of VooDEW Past variety pack it costs about $20 with shipping. I wound up paying $30 because I wanted to get this story in on time. The package includes 2 VooDEW 1.0s, 3 VooDEW 2.0s, and 1 Voodew 1.0. This weird distribution is attributed to supply chain issues making it difficult to make certain flavors.

It seems that Pitch Black might be releasing soon but nothing is confirmed. Until next time, you should do the Dew.


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