June 20, 2024

Cheap and local guide to Columbus

Columbus is a beautiful area and its connection to the university has only been strengthened as the years have gone on. Columbus offers many different sceneries and spots that students can explore for a low price. 

One of the most beautiful and worthwhile locations to visit is the Franklin Park Conservatory. The Franklin Park Conservatory is only a few minutes from campus and is a unique attraction that offers memorable experiences.

The conservatory is open for free on the first Sunday of every month. They also have various discounts for seniors, children and even those that carry a Medicaid card to get in for as low as three dollars. On a typical day it will be $23, so take advantage of the discounts.

The conservatory has various themes throughout the year, such as October’s Pumpkin Aglow and winter’s Conservatory Aglow. They theme their events to match the season, allowing for people to enjoy special events for their favorite holidays. 

Aside from the themes, they also have many different environments within the conservatory. When traveling in the conservatory, there are rooms for the desert, rainforest and several other ecosystems. Within those ecosystems there are plants and scenery from those natural environments.

Photo by Sagel Gurreh. Sculpture: Torso of Venus by Aristide Maillol. Resides inside the Columbus Museum of Art.

The Topiary Park is a free public park that is around 2 acres large. It is designed to depict French artist Georges Seurat’s famous 1884 painting, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” This park is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. It resides across the street from the Columbus Museum of Art. 

This park is unique in many ways, the trimmed sculptures perfectly encapsulate the famous painting from Suart. The Topiary Park holds a special place for Columbus residents as it is seen as a lively and up-kept location.

Upon taking a stroll across the street, there lies the Columbus Museum of Art. 

The Columbus Museum of Art is free for all visitors on Sundays. This is an underrated spot in the city and a casual location to find Van Goghs and Picassos. The collection of beautiful and extraordinary art the museum has acquired is impressive. It has a series of many different art concepts, such as modern to contemporary art. 

The Columbus Museum of Art describes their institution as “where creativity and the daily life of our community intersect and thrive.” 

There are many cost-friendly places for Columbus residents and visitors to go. Students should take advantage of the university’s proximity to Columbus and explore what the city has to offer.


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