June 23, 2024

Here’s what university students need to know about the 2024 general election

As the 2024 General Election is just under a year away, there are multiple key elections university students should tune into in the meantime. Following the success of Issues 1 and 2 in the November 2023 election, Ohio may prove to remain a swing state despite its deepening Republican lead in recent years. 

The presidential election cycle is well underway, with the Republican National Committee (RNC) wrapping up their third debate last Wednesday. While the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has opted out of debates, President Biden remains to be the party’s front runner despite challenges from Robert Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson. 

The fourth debate is set to be held on Dec. 6 in Tuscaloosa, Alaska, and will feature stricter polling requirements in order to qualify. This includes a 6% approval rating in two different polls. Only three of the candidates, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, currently meet the threshold. Vivek Ramaswamy is polling just under the target at 5.8%. 

The primaries and caucuses will kick off in Iowa in January. Ohio’s primary will be held March 19, 2024. Students may begin requesting absentee ballots Dec. 20, which can be found on the Secretary of State’s website. The deadline to register in order to vote in the primary is Feb. 20. 

In addition to the presidential election, Ohio is hosting a showdown in the Senate race between incumbent Sherrod Brown and a Republican challenger. 

The race to compete as the Republican challenger between the four candidates (Matt Dolan, Frank LaRose, Bernie Moreno and Joel Mutchler) will come to a head on March 19 when the winner is selected in the primary election. 

Pictured above is a non-exhaustive list of the important election dates for university students to pay attention to in the next year.

Sen. Brown, who has held office since 2007, will face his opposition in the general election on Nov. 5, 2024. 

Current projections show a slight lead for the current Senator, but many polls are reporting the seat is a toss up between Brown and any of the challengers. Margins between the Republican candidates are slim, but Frank LaRose, current Ohio Secretary of State, seems to hold the lead. 

Representative Joyce Beatty, whose district covers most of Columbus and a little less than half of Franklin County, has announced she will seek re-election. In 2022, she won her district by a margin of 70.5% to 29.5%. 

To find information about additional Congressional races in the surrounding counties and across Ohio, head to the House of Representatives online directory

Also featured on the ballot will be a number of city wide issues and offices. School board offices, tax levies, county commissioners and city council members are just a few of the elections that will find their way onto ballots. 

Ballots can vary from county to county, as well as township to township. To find a sample ballot, head to the Secretary of State’s website under the “Elections and Voting” tab

To register to vote or request an absentee ballot, apply online using a valid driver’s license and Social Security number.


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