July 14, 2024

Holiday kickoff : December 1st

Imagine this: the date is Nov. 1 and you just finished your festivities for Halloween. You walk into a store and, instead of seeing pumpkins and spooky objects, you are greeted with tinsel, twinkling lights and Santa Claus. It is time we consider these decorations should start Dec. 1. 

Every year, it seems that the celebration of the holidays starts creeping into our lives before it should. 

The holiday season should wait until December to preserve the magic of it. When the season starts too early, it takes away the excitement of the holidays. Delaying the festivities until December allows the opportunity to appreciate and have excitement going into the countdown to each person’s respective holiday. 

When the holiday season begins after Halloween, it tends to lead to overspending. Stores have started to begin holiday sales weeks in advance, which allows consumers to spend over their budget. Waiting until December allows people to not only stay under budget, but prioritize meaningful, thoughtful gifts. 

Early holiday preparation can potentially lead to burnout. The holiday music, movies and advertisements can cause stress and fatigue, taking away from what the holiday season is truly about. By waiting, people can enjoy the holiday season in a more balanced, less stressful way

The period between Halloween and Thanksgiving is a beautiful time while the season begins to transition. The colors of autumn are still vibrant and nature is going through a gradual transformation. Starting holiday celebrations too early takes away from admiring the beauty of fall. It is important to savor the beauty of the late-autumn atmosphere and admire the wondrous charm of snow during their respective seasons.

Celebrating Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November is a time to give thanks, reflect on gratitude and spend time with family. By overshadowing Thanksgiving with holiday preparation, people can become distracted and unable to focus on gratitude. Allowing people to wait until Thanksgiving is over allocates time to appreciate the two holidays in their own right.


  • Maddie Dougoud

    Maddie is a fourth-year emerging media journalism major along with public relations and minoring in film and media. She is a member of the Capital Women’s Basketball team, and in her free time she loves to watch documentaries.

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