September 27, 2022

A holiday wishlist perfect for college students

With finals week upon us, few students have time to worry about holiday gifts. Whether you are a student looking for gifts ideas for a friend (or yourself), or a parent unsure of what your child may want, we have you covered, no matter your price range.

Dry Erase Board

15. Dry-Erase or Chalk Board – An excellent gift idea for any student. A dry-erase board can be mounted near a student’s door, so that they see it every day while heading to class.


14. Single-cup coffee maker – Coffee is many college students’ choice drink in the morning, and a single-cup coffee maker can really speed things up. While the initial purchase and stocking of one of these machines can be expensive, students will save in the long run by cutting out daily trips to coffee shops. Popular brands include Black & Decker, Keurig, and Mr. Coffee.


13. Subscription to Netflix – During the rare occasions when students have down time, they are typically too exhausted to do anything besides watch television. That makes a subscription to Netflix, or other similar streaming service such as Hulu or Amazon Instant Video, a great gift.


12. Planner or Portable Calendar – Being organized is a skill many college students lack, and one that is beneficial throughout life. The gift of a portable planner or calendar is a great way to help students stay organized.


11. Family Recipes – Perfect for students living in apartments or off campus housing who now cook the majority of their meals themselves. This present allows them to enjoy a taste of home, making the college experience feel nostalgic.


10. Watch or Time Piece – A gift that allows students to check the time during class without having to pull out their phone. The right watch can also add a bit of extra style to a student’s wardrobe, too.


9. Bluetooth Speakers – With the advent of smartphones and music streaming services, students have access to their favorite songs in their pockets, and the gift of Bluetooth speakers is a great way to allow students to share these songs with friends.


8. Concert Ticket – Even better than streaming your favorite artist is seeing them live, and the majority of concerts have ticket sales far in advance, making this a great gift idea for any music fan.


7. Portable Hard Drive or USB Memory Stick(s) – Students write a substantial number of papers, and most students store these documents on the hard drive of their personal computer. However, these drives do not last forever, and the gift of a portable drive, or USB memory stick, will allow students to back up their most important papers.


6. Journal – Writing is an important skill for any student, and writing in a journal is a great way to strengthen one’s personal writing voice. The process can also prove therapeutic, something that most college students need.

5. Scanner Pen – The perfect gift for students who take a lot of handwritten notes, this pen can be connected to a computer and it allows students to save a digital copy of their notes.

Professional Outfit

4. Professional outfit – If you are applying for an internship, grade school, or you want to jumpstart your career out of school, a professional outfit   is a must have for interviews; yet the right one can be pretty expensive, making it an excellent gift for a college students.


3. Plane Ticket – Sometimes students just need to get away, and that can be very difficult on a college student’s budget. This is a great opportunity for students to see more of the world while keeping their school a priority.


2. Laptop or Tablet – A new laptop or tablet can really help students succeed, by adding mobility to their course work.


1. Wallet – Everyone needs a wallet, but this gift has an added spin. By stuffing a new wallet with cash, gift cards, and maybe even some movie tickets, you can give a gift that will ease a student’s financial burden.

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