June 20, 2024

Abolish daylight savings time

Due to wide-spread American contempt, daylight savings should become a thing of the past.

Every year in March, clocks are set forward in almost every state by one hour. They get turned back an hour every November, and the process repeats yearly. The time period after the first switch is referred to as “daylight savings time.” The period after the second switch is simply standard time. 

The intended purpose of daylight savings is to adjust times of activity in order to make better use of natural daylight. Supposedly, daylight savings can help cut down on energy use if people go to bed earlier. I definitely disagree with the institution on principle, even if there are benefits to cutting down energy use. 

I’ll admit that I do enjoy the extra hour of sleep when the clocks are set back, but this does not outweigh the annoyance of having less light. 

Never in my entire life have I ever heard someone praise the process of daylight savings. After the recent switch of hours from daylight savings, it has been so dark outside so early. I was walking back to my dorm room after class in the evening one day, and I realized just how dark it was compared to before the switch from standard time.

Honestly, it’s very dangerous for many people, especially women, to be walking around in the dark, regardless of what time it is. I, as a woman, definitely do not feel as safe walking on campus back home in the evening after classes when it is pitch-black outside. Why in the world do we need to mess with our clocks anyway? Just set them and leave them be. 

There have been so many different states trying to pass legislation to get rid of the much-hated daylight savings time process. However, nothing has yet been done to stop it and it is likely that nothing will be done for a very long time. 

Some states, like Florida, simply started using daylight savings time permanently, rather than switching back the clocks. This event actually sparked the pending amendment of federal law in regards to allowing the switch. 

Ohio has introduced a resolution to switch to permanent daylight savings time, which would mean that we would go back to having the sun set an hour later. However, nothing has legally been done regarding this matter, so for now daylight savings time procedures will remain in place. 

If legal action were to be taken regarding the proposed resolution, we would “lose” an hour, but it would be for a good cause. This practice would be a lot safer for many people who have to walk or be outside in the evening when the sun has already set. 

Switching to a permanent daylight savings time would be great because it would mean more light later in the day. This change would definitely make a lot of Americans happy. Everything in the dark is way more dangerous than with more light – driving, walking, jogging, you name it.


  • Melissa Blackford

    Melissa is a junior Professional Writing and Journalism major with the specialization of pre-law. She plans to pursue a degree at Capital's Law School after graduation.

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