March 1, 2024

Capital alumni Josh Miller receives NIL deals

Josh Miller, a Capital alumni and former writer for the Chimes, has received two NIL deals.

NIL is short for name, image and likeness. It is a way college athletes can receive compensation from brands for using their name or image through marketing.

Miller was a six-time OAC champion, a two-time All-American athlete winner and the Great Lakes Region Field Athlete of the Year, along with many other athletic accomplishments throughout his time at the university and his athletic career. 

Miller is currently a Master’s of Public Administration candidate through the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at the Ohio State University. 

He has received NIL deals with Seventh Son Brewing Company and Diamond Cellar. 

“In simple terms, it’s just a sponsorship deal,” Miller said. “We help promote their brand and they help by providing us with either a stipend or some free products.”

The first deal Miller received was with Seventh Son Brewing Company, a local brewery in Columbus, Ohio. 

“So, what that basically entails is I will be highlighting their brand… on my social media channels,” Miller said. “I’ll be reposting any of their things that they do, I’ll be posting my own content that I’ll be creating, being sponsored by them, so we got some exciting plans for that.”

According to Miller, they will be providing him with two stipends throughout the year and some free products to try.

The second NIL deal Miller received is from Diamond Cellar.

“I recently just signed with the Diamond Cellar, which is a family owned and operated jewelry store that started here in Columbus,” Miller said. “They want to help athletes be able to recognize their families and their coaches and anyone that’s basically helped them get this far in their career… So, they have partnered with me and have given me some free gifts to give to my family, to my coaches and to the people that have helped me get to where I am in my career.”

Miller said he will be posting the people he has chosen to give the gifts to and the reason why as a part of the deal. 

“It’s a really exciting partnership that I just signed with them,” Miller said. “Because,as athletes, as students… It’s not easy to celebrate the ones that have helped you get here. So, I’m very, very excited, very grateful to Diamond Cellar for being able to do that.”

Miller received his NIL deals through the app INFLCR. 

“For Seventh Son and Diamond Cellar, both of them had a bulletin posted on the influencer app,” Miller said. “I applied, had phone calls with both of them and then they made me an offer to be a part of their team and sign a deal with them.”

Miller said, through the app, athletes can apply for NIL deals and message the companies. The companies can then make offers to the athletes, or vice versa.


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