May 19, 2024

How to “give back” this holiday season: charitable organization highlight

The holidays are a very crucial time to give to those less fortunate. It is, after all, the “season of giving.” This phrase insights us to look into local charities that would be accessible for donations over the holidays.

One such local charity is Starhouse. Starhouse is an organization that runs Central Ohio’s only youth drop-in center where they provide facilities, food, hygiene products, and clothes for youth. There is a list of items that are needed on their website, as well as the option to make monetary donations. They also have volunteer opportunities for those who instead want to donate their time. 

There is also Lutheran Social Services who is determined to provide food, safety, shelter, and healing for anyone in need in Central Ohio. They mostly take money but also have a pretty long items needed list for their shelters on their website. They are also hiring positions for the holiday season.

A good charity for LGBTQIA+ support would be Kaleidoscope.This organization does a wide variety of things including assisting LGBTQIA+ with professional development, special events and community education among many other things. They mostly take cash donations but are very good volunteer opportunities as well.

There is even the Bexley Community Foundation who gives out money each year in the form of grants for the betterment of the local Bexley community. They serve as a good immediate local option for students who want to improve the local community. Their more recent grants have been Bexley Beautification, enhancing local gardens, and a free Tree Giveaway.

While donating money can be an expense that not everyone can afford, creating holiday cards is a great way to give back to communities without breaking the bank.

Braid Mission has a program called Cards of Hope, where they accept encouraging and nice cards for children living in foster care. All one has to do is make the cards and let the organization know that they are sending them in. The organization also accepts direct monetary donations as well.

Another good card outlet would be Holiday Cards for our Military Challenge, which has a similar mission to Braids Mission, but the cards are sent to troops instead. They also take monetary donations. 

Giving out cards for the holidays is nice because it allows one to contribute wherever they find themselves. As long as one can afford shipping costs, they can be a part of the mission of card-based non-profits.

The holidays are fun, but we often have to remind ourselves to “give back.” Whether the holidays put you in a charitable mood or even with some extra free time, these charities are all good options when it comes to “giving back.”


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