Four binge-worthy shows to watch over break

Our culture craves instant gratification. We look for the answers right away without putting in due time and expect our rewards to be handed out just as quickly. Netflix noticed […]

Three types of tears: crying on campus

There are three types of tears: reflex, basal and psychic. Reflex tears come out due to strong aromas, such as the scent of onion, or to protect the eyes from […]

Upcoming events at Bexley Public Library

The Bexley Public Library, located at 2411 E. Main St., has scheduled many events for all ages in October and November that are free to attend. Here is a list of a few: […]

Losing record means little to quarterback

As Crusader football passes the effective midpoint of their season, one must look past their wins and losses to see the success that the 2017 team has achieved. All aspects […]