Black Thursday: My first experience

I don’t like Black Friday. I like the premise of Black Friday. I like paying half-price for something I would normally never buy myself. I like getting a budget-friendly head […]

Black Friday Pick-Up: Red Dead Redemption 2

“Red Dead Redemption 2” has hit the ground running in terms of sales and critical reception. It was published by Rockstar Games, who have a track record for producing some of […]

Essential finals week hype songs

Finals are hard. It’s a time when an entire semester’s worth of information suddenly needs to come back into the forefront of your brain, you’re stressed, you’re not sleeping, and […]

Christmas Festival ushers in the holiday season

This year’s annual Christmas Festival is singing its way to the stage. Five of the university’s choral groups will be coming together after Thanksgiving Break to bring a Christmas message […]