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Student athletes strive to eat healthy at the MDR
February 5, 2015  //  News, Sports, Student Health, Student Life  //  No Comment

The main dining room, otherwise known as the MDR, is the meal center for a majority of students. A particular group of students, the student-athletes, must focus on what they eat at the MDR. As athletes, they must take into account the foods and meals that would increase their physical capabilities and performance in their […]

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    ‘Friend-zone’ bulletin board sparks controversy
    February 20, 2015  //  News, Opinion, Student Life  //  No Comment

    Walking down the third floor hallway in the Saylor-Ackermann (SA) building, I saw a bulletin board that disturbed me. Bulletin boards, which are put up in hallways by Resident Assistants, are an effort to engage residents and usually lean toward the educational. In my hallway, on the 2nd floor of Schaaf, the activity board displays an […]

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    50 Shades of Misunderstanding
    February 18, 2015  //  A&E, Opinion  //  No Comment

    Misconceptions about “50 Shades of Grey” are flying around the internet, as many are quick to judge based on hearsay and out-of-context quotes. Summed up, “50 Shades of Grey” is a simple Cinderella story turned on its side, with the prince suffering from control issues and having a BDSM fetish. Many people are outraged over […]

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riot gear
Tear gas used on Buckeye revelers after championship game invokes ethical dilemma
January 22, 2015  //  Local News, News, Student Life  //  No Comment

Videos of policemen in full riot gear pepper spraying reveling students on the sidewalk has filled the airwaves after Ohio State’s big victory over Oregon. This startling image invokes a fear of police brutality, especially after its recent national relevance. “When crowds start to behave that way, bad things happen,” Police Chief Jacobs told the Columbus […]

Student Health
SCE raises awareness of sexual violence through new series of weekly workshops
February 12, 2015  //  News, Student Health, Student Life  //  No Comment

photo by Trey McDeane With the growing popularity of media sensations such as “Fifty Shades of Grey” and Miley Cyrus now making bondage films, the more pressing issue of sexual violence is undeservedly buried deeper beneath the muck. Which is a problem. The more sexual violence, and especially the victims of such trauma, are pushed […]