Car-related crimes in Bexley

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Car-related crimes have seen an increase within Bexley recently.

Within the last two months, there have been 17 incidents involving cars throughout Bexley with 14 of those being on Capital’s side of East Main Street. The majority of the incidents are theft, but other incidents include criminal damaging/endangerment and trespassing.

A theft is described as the crime of stealing. The punishment for this crime depends on the value of the stolen item.

Someone can be charged with criminal damaging/endangerment when they knowingly and/or recklessly damage the property of or endanger another person. In Ohio, this is classified as a misdemeanor.

Trespassing occurs when a person knowingly enters someone else’s property. In Ohio, this is also classified as a misdemeanor.

According to Chief Fernandez of Capital Police, there has not been a spike in this kind of crime on campus specifically. He also said that the Bexley Police Department and campus police work closely when incidents like these are taking place.

According to the police reports, many of the affected cars were unlocked when the crimes occurred. Students should be aware that leaving vehicles unlocked, even on campus, presents a significant risk of being stolen from.

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