Students share the stories behind their laptop stickers

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“I just thought [putting stickers on my laptop] was an interesting way to show the things I’m involved with,” Alexandra Baker, a graduate nursing student, said. Baker says she chose the stickers she did because she graduated from Ohio State, where she was involved with the glee club, and because her family is Croatian.

Emily Pamer, a first-year nursing major, said she inherited the stickers on her laptop from friends. The “Friends” sticker is from her roommate, and the Delta Phi Epsilon is from her big in her sorority.

“My roommate ran for [student body president], so it’s his running sticker,” Jack Gedeon, senior math major, said. But he doesn’t think he’ll be adding anymore stickers to his collection. “I’m not much of a sticker guy, I just did it because it was my buddy.”

“It’s a Numark sticker, which is a DJ equipment [company]. I ended up using [Numark] for a set that I did and stuck it on there,” Kevin Darling, an adult undergrad studying social work, said. He said he definitely wants to add more stickers to his collection, he just hasn’t ran into any that he likes yet.

Bailey Schonauer, a sophomore nursing major, has a sticker from “Grey’s Anatomy” on her laptop, because as a nursing major, she says she can relate to the show and has been obsessed with it since she binge-watched it one summer. “I started watching it three summers ago and finished it in three months,” Schonauer said.

Nathan Flores, a junior social work major, has a sticker from the internet show “Bravest Warriors” that was a gift from friends. He thinks he’ll be putting more stickers on his laptop soon because he said it’s “super naked” right now.

“Most of them just kind of display what I’m into,” Alex Wilcox, a sophomore political science and economics major, said about his collection of stickers. His laptop is covered in stickers from TOMS, Monster and the Blue Jackets. He said he thinks he might add more stickers if he can find room.

“[The sticker] is from an album called Uncomfortable by the rapper Andy Mineo,” Malik Murray, a sophomore music technology major, said. He said the album came out during his senior year in high school and talks about how being in an uncomfortable situation gives you room to grow. “I put this sticker on my laptop because I knew that going into college and from there on out life doesn’t get any easier, it’s going to get more uncomfortable,” Murray said.

Samantha Wyant, a junior organizational communications major has a laptop full of stickers, but she said the “Be the Light” sticker is her favorite. She said it reminds her to be the a positive person in the lives of those around her. Her collection started out with a few free and cheap stickers, and she plans to add more as she finds them.

It’s hard for Iz Palmisano, a sophomore math major with an art minor, to pick a favorite sticker, but her two favorites are a “Friends” sticker and one that showcases her friend’s band’s logo. “Friends” is one of her favorite shows, and she said seeing the sticker makes her laugh and reminds her of her favorite parts of the show. She said she bought “a bunch more” stickers to add to her laptop case, but she doesn’t want to get rid of the ones she already has. “Everything is color-coordinated, if you couldn’t tell…I don’t wanna take these off and I don’t want to cover them, so I’m just going to get a new case and put them on there,” Palmisano said.

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