Campus dining implements changes, fixes old issues

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One Main and Capital Court will offer new menu options this semester, and Director of Food Operations Alex West says new sanitation procedures are being implemented in both dining areas.

One Main will feature a basic core menu that stays the same throughout the year, but plans are in place to have more “action stations,” such as build-your-own burgers or Chipotle-style burritos on special nights each week.

“If you have the same 13, 14 items for 15 weeks, people are going to get kind of bored,” West said.

Starting in October, every Thursday there will be “’action stations,” every Friday is movie night, featuring popcorn or some kind of appetizer, and on Saturday, One Main will serve made-to-order flatbread pizzas. West said they will have other events throughout the week to keep options in One Main fresh, so students never get bored.

In the past, One Main experienced issues with long ticket times due to broken down equipment. The new, basic core menu, as well as fixed equipment, should resolve these issues. If a student waits any longer than 20 minutes for their food, West says to let an employee or manager know.

“At that point, it may have been a missed ticket, or it may not have printed off in the back,” West said. “I just encourage people to communicate. We’re here to serve you guys.”

One Main also hosts student events, such as jazz nights and WXCU karaoke nights. They also broadcast every away football game so students can cheer on the Crusaders from home while getting a bite to eat, and they hope to do the same with all sports eventually.

In order to stay up-to-date with feature nights and menu items in One Main, students can download the CampusDish app, which West says will eventually have a calendar for these events. Soon, this calendar will be posted on the university website as well.

The CampusDish app also has correct meal times for both One Main and the Capital Court. Students can also check out what Capital Court will be serving for the day within the app.

Capital Court has had its share of issues in the past, between students finding things in their food and not being able to find something hot to eat. West says these issues should be getting better.

“Some of it is our error and some of it is how [the food] is being sent to us,” West said. “But it’s on us to make sure it’s safe when people are eating it.”

To combat these issues, new sanitation procedures are being implemented. Employees will be required to wash hands and change gloves more often, and supervisors will make sure hair nets are being worn. Employees will also check packaging more thoroughly before it is served. If a student sees or experiences something concerning, they should alert a supervisor (someone in a grey button-down CapDining shirt) or ask for Alex West.

Students can also express their concerns or ideas for feature nights during Dining with the Directors. This is an event hosted by Capital Dining in One Main the first Tuesday of every month, starting in October. Students can speak with the directors of dining on campus and get some free food.

New meal plans, which include more CapBucks, allow students to have more dining options than before. Students can use their CapBucks at Zoe’s, Moshi Sushi, Papa John’s, Jimmy John’s and C’est Si Bon, with more places expected to be added to the list in the future. The new meal plans also calculate swipes by week instead of per semester. This way, students can keep better track of their swipe usage.

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