July 3, 2020

Five things you should do before graduating

It may not seem like it right now, but four years goes by extremely fast. Before you know it, you’ll be finishing your last exam and turning in your last paper and there will be so many things you’ll wish you had done. 

To make sure you hit some of the highlights, here are five things I think everyone should do before graduating.

  1. Participate in traditions

They might seem silly, but the traditions on campus are something that we all share as a community. No one steps on the seal outside the library or walks out of the gate, and occasionally you’ll see a student rush up to the statue of St. Anthony near Battelle Hall and rub his head for good luck. 

Stepping on the seal meant you’d fail your next text. When seniors finish their last test, they’re safe from the superstition.

Our traditions are one of the things that makes us the CapFam, and the only way we can keep them alive is to participate. Don’t be that person that points out that they don’t work or don’t matter — they’re all in good fun!

2. Get lost in the Con

Maybe you’ve been to Mees Hall once or twice to see a performance or attend an event, but you haven’t gotten the full experience until you’ve gotten lost in the winding hallways of the Con. 

While the Conservatory should be a good shortcut in between the front and back sides of campus, it turns into a maze that takes more time than walking around it.

Obviously, students who frequent the Con for classes get used to the building quickly, but for other students it feels like a different world. 

If you’ve never been, take a trip one day and give yourself time to find your way out. You might even get to hear some music played by fellow students!

3.Visit the Schumacher Gallery

One of the campus’s hidden gems is on the fourth floor of the library: the Schumacher Gallery. Some of the art pieces up there are extremely rare and interesting to look at, and many of the exhibits feature really interesting artists. 

The Schumacher Gallery is on the fourth floor of Blackmore library.

The gallery is also a really great place to study because it’s usually pretty quiet. There are plenty of comfy chairs and soft jazz is consistently playing in the background

4. Go to the Zig (if you’re 21)

As a newly-minted 21-year-old, the Zig was one of my first experiences in a bar. It has a weird, nostalgic feel to it — it’s just something you have to experience. As one friend put it, you haven’t lived until you’ve visited the Zig. 

Photo by Geramee Hensley.

Whether you’re trying a new drink or just playing trivia with some friends, the Leipzig Haus is a fun way to spend time with friends on your night off

5. Check out the archives

Another hidden gem in the library is the archives. Old copies of campus publications, including The Chimes, old photos, and lots of other random Capital-related artifacts are available for students and alumni to look at during their open hours.

Many students only go to the archives for class, but the history they hold can be observed

Although this space is mostly used by alumni, there’s a lot of old, interesting artifacts that students might be interested in taking a look at.

  • Heather Barr is the current Editor-In-Chief of The Chimes and a senior at Capital University, studying Journalism and Professional Writing. hbarr@capital.edu

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