New Ohio law to allow concealed carry on campuses

Gov. Kasich signed House Bill 48 on Dec. 19, which allows concealed carry weapon (CCW) license holders to carry in various previously prohibited places, including airports, police stations, daycare facilities, […]

Raising turkeys: From the egg to the table

Every Thanksgiving, families gather around their tables, forget their differences and eat some turkey and stuffing. For me, the turkey part of all of that comes with a really different […]

How easy is it to get into campus dorms?

Holding the door for the person following you is normally a sign of courtesy, and it’s a habit that’s hard to break, but this can be a dangerous practice on a […]

Clowns on campus? Quit clowning around

In the past few months or so, Ohio and many other states have seen an invasion of creepy clowns, and rumors are circling among students that clowns have made an […]