September 30, 2023

Stall Talks, student organizations continue for Spring semester

Stall Talks, if you are not familiar with them already, are an extremely important part of getting the word out about events going on around the university. They provide students a quick and easy way of getting involved with on-campus events in just a matter of seconds.  The ability to scan in an RSVP to an event almost instantly is certainly of convenience for students, as well. 

“Stall Talks are event newsletters that give students, faculty, and staff a bi-weekly run-down of the events and opportunities that are happening on our campus. The Stall Talks primarily highlight events hosted by registered student organizations and sometimes campus departments and offices,” says Abbey Rutschilling, Associate Director and Program Coordinator at Capital University. Hanna Pinkelman, who is a student and engagement intern at Capital, creates the informative Stall Talks that many students use for events. 

Photo courtesy of Hanna Pinkelman

Stall Talks are located within restroom stalls all around our campus. Every issue on the Stall Talks contains a unique QR code in the top right corner that allows the student to view an online events calendar through Engage, according to Rutschilling and Pinkelman. All events on the Stall Talks may be found on both Engage and Corq.

Previously, Stall Talks went under revision because of the state of the pandemic. The final decision to use semester-long Stall Talks, fellow reporter Josh Conturo wrote, was made in September before the reopening of campus.

“The Stall Talks never went away, we just had to revise the plan last semester due to COVID-19. During the fall we decided to distribute one issue of the Stall Talk for the entire semester,” Rutschilling and Pinkelman explain.

“This semester we are creating bi-weekly issues since our student organizations are continuing to hold safe and socially distanced in-person events along with online events,” they continue. 

The layout of Stall Talks will be the same, except they will have two weeks worth of content in every issue rather than a semester’s worth of content.

With the chaotic state of the pandemic in mind, many of you may be wondering how the Student Organizations are holding up right now.

Photo courtesy of Abbey Rutschilling

“Student Organizations have continued to be creative and flexible this semester! They have done a great job of thinking through the COVID-19 safety protocols and adapting their events to fit them,” Rutschilling says.

So, what kind of fun online events are going on around campus currently?

“I don’t think there is just one online event to highlight! Student Organizations and our office are hosting a ton of events this month! I would recommend taking a look through Engage, Corq and the Stall Talks to see what virtual events are happening each day. When viewing them on Corq, you can add the event to your personal calendars so you don’t miss them!” says Rutschilling. 

There are tons of fun, creative events coming up this month. If you are interested in becoming more involved in events on campus, be sure to check out Stall Talks located in numerous restrooms around campus.


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