November 30, 2023

Swensons: New Burger Joint Opens in Reynoldsburg

Swensons Drive-In has come to Reynoldsburg, Ohio, bringing their signature burgers and milkshakes nearby Capital University.

Swensons is an Ohio fast-food chain with 15 locations; the Reynoldsburg store, which opened on Thursday, Feb. 4, makes the fifth restaurant in the Columbus area. Swensons in Reynoldsburg is open from 11 a.m.-11 p.m. from Sunday through Thursday, and from 11 a.m. – 12 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

I visited Swensons on Friday night; the restaurant is a straight, 15 minute drive down Main Street. It was pretty busy, but I was able to find a spot to park.

I hadn’t ever been to a Swensons location, so I had no idea how the restaurant operated, but luckily, directions were very clearly marked. After parking, you leave your car’s headlights on, and the wait-staff comes directly to your car window.

Within minutes of pulling into the parking lot, a waiter was at my car window with a menu. I flicked my headlights off, then back on when I was ready to order. The waiter returned quickly—they run from car to car—and took my order, advising me that it would be about a thirty minute wait for my food.

I ordered one of Swensons’ signature “hamburgs,” which are made with two special sauces, french fries, and include a chocolate and caramel blended milkshake. Other than burgers, the menu offers traditional diner food, from a fried bologna sandwich and onion rings to the Salad Boy, a veggie burger option. There are 18 individual milkshake flavors, and customers have the option to create their own combinations.

Prices are certainly reasonable and won’t break a college student’s budget—my whole meal cost right around $10 before adding a tip. While it is possible to pay with a credit card, Swensons asks that each car has only one credit card transaction, which is something to keep in mind if you plan on going with friends.

I ordered one of Swensons’ signature “hamburgs,” which are made with two special sauces, french fries, and include a chocolate and caramel blended milkshake (Photo by Emily Dietz).

After about thirty minutes, my food arrived! It was hot and fresh, and absolutely delicious. The hamburger was flavorful, the fries were greasy perfection, and the milkshake was perfectly blended and creamy.

Overall, I enjoyed my trip to Swensons, although there were a few downsides. The parking lot is rather small, which led to a few frightening moments when trucks and SUVs were backing out of spots in front of me. Also, the wait time was a bit of a drag. Most Swensons’ locations offer order-ahead service on the app and website, but it isn’t yet available in Reynoldsburg.

The location is nice; it’s close enough to campus to be easily accessible, but far enough away that going still feels like a treat. I was thrilled by the drive-in style, which seemed to make the whole experience more exciting (and eliminates the current dangers of eating-in at a restaurant). And, most importantly, the food was tasty.

I’ll definitely be heading back to Swensons sometime soon!


  • Emily Dietz

    Emily is a sophomore English literature major at Capital, and a reporter and distribution manager for the Chimes. When she's not carting papers around campus, Emily enjoys watching Jeopardy, bothering her cats, and eating mac and cheese.

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