May 19, 2024

Professing love across campus

With love being in the air this upcoming Valentine’s Day, students around campus may be curious as to what their favorite professors do on the national holiday. 

Whether it is spending time with your significant other, spending time with your family or even your pets, one thing holds true about Valentine’s Day: the love someone shares for another. 

Seth Smith of the Communications Department holds a special place in his heart for Valentine’s Day. Smith proposed to his wife in 2008 on Valentine’s Day and the few things that have kept this relationship going strong are aspects like effective communication, being comfortable with themselves, and being a strong advocate for therapy. 

 “Valentine’s Day is fun. [So] whatever you do, have fun doing it. It doesn’t have to be overly commercial, but it doesn’t have to be consumerism,” said Smith.

Denvy Bowman, religion professor, gives a different perspective of the holiday from an unmarried viewpoint.

Bowman talks about the classic “shoebox” Valentine’s Day where everyone in class brings a gift for their classmates. This is his first memory of a tradition for the holiday. Now, the day for love gives an opportunity for Bowman to spend time with his family.

“My mother is 90 and will be 91 soon. So I tried to make Valentine’s Day a happy day for her since my father has passed away. I tend to get her chocolates and a card which she enjoys and in return it brings me joy.” 

Seeing Valentine’s Day from two different perspectives, one person being married and another being single, yet seeing similar opinions of the holiday is amazing. A big takeaway from this is that whoever you spend the day with, make it special for them. It does not have to be super extravagant, but if you don’t express the love in the same way as your counterpart, enjoy having the love in the air and find a way to progress forward to make someone’s day just 1% better. 

So, on Feb. 14, while most students are getting annoyed from the heart shaped candies, chocolates and decorations for what people believe is a “made-up” holiday, I challenge every student to take a step back: think about your personal relationships, along with the collegiate professors that are in the same boat as students. 

As we all look at this holiday from a superficial view, remember that this day is not just about how you show and express your love for the people that surround you, but more importantly who you share it with. That is the truest gift one can give to another.


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