May 19, 2024

Studying abroad: where learning can take you

Capital University offers a unique opportunity for students to escape the confines of the Bexley campus. The university partners with third party services and has internal programs that provide study abroad opportunities for students. There are a variety of trips every year for students to choose from, each with a specific focus. 

According to Jennifer Adams, the director of the Center For Global Education, the most popular study abroad trips are short-term, faculty-lead trips. On these trips, students are accompanied by two university faculty members to study in a country for one to three weeks depending on the specific trip’s parameters.  

During the 2023 spring semester, the Biology Department will be traveling to Costa Rica. In 2024, the proposed trips include: the Humanities Department leading a group of students on a Signature Learning project to Greece. Music Tech will host a trip to South Korea and Ethnic Percussion will study in Japan for approximately two weeks. Monthly meetings are conducted and social media posts are published to inform students when these trips will occur.  

Students do not have to be members of the departments or organizations to attend, but it is highly encouraged so the credits earned abroad are applicable to graduation requirements. Any student who meets the GPA requirements, has the required documents for travel and is in good disciplinary standing is eligible to attend.  

Adams suggests that anyone interested in study abroad opportunities should meet with her as soon as possible. She said, “Having a meeting with me does not commit you to anything.”  

From this meeting, she will be able to gauge what path would best suit you and give you important information that may help guide your decision. One of the most prevalent factors to studying abroad is financial aid.

Students can pay for trips with unused student loans, external scholarships and Federal Pell Grant money to defray the cost of studying abroad. The university also offers scholarships specifically for study abroad opportunities.  

Adams and her staff will help students create a budget worksheet to organize the cost of the trip. They will also help ensure that credits are connected to whichever trip you decide to pursue so that you still graduate on time, while enjoying a new space that caters to your learning requirements.  

A second option for students who are interested in studying abroad are semester-long excursions, like the trip Beverly Kinateder, second-year history, Spanish, and international studies major, took to Spain. These are more difficult and tedious to plan but are manageable. 

Kinateder traveled to Granada, Spain to study at the University of Granada. Kinateder received a first rate education while also indulging in the amazing cultural experiences of Spain. On a typical day, she would go to class in the morning, return home for lunch, walk back to the campus for her night classes, and after dinner, Kinateder and her roommate would go out to discotecas or tapas, which are an essential part of Spanish culture.  

Kinateder explored other countries near Spain, as well. On Halloween weekend, she had the opportunity to travel to Morocco with a group of friends. While in Morocco, they rode camels on the beach.

“That was just one of those moments you’ll never forget,” Kinateder said. “It was encouraged by my study abroad program to take little trips, do everything. But my program actually would take us on a little excursion almost every weekend, which just came out the price of our tuition, which was awesome.” 

From her time abroad, Kinateder grew as an individual. She became more personable because of her new perspective on how people live in different countries. It took trust and faith, from her family and from herself, to embark on a journey that would positively and directly contribute to her future ambitions. 

Overall, she valued her time spent at the University of Granada because it gave her the chance to be “independent in [her] learning.” Adams and Kinateder would agree that studying abroad is a life changing experience. And to avoid the cliché of calling trips like this unforgettable, you just have to see for yourself.  


  • Samaree Perkins

    Samaree Perkins is a first-year 3+3 student with a concentration in Journalism and Professional Writing. She is a member of Capital's women's volleyball and basketball teams. She is also the Public Relations Chair of the Student-Athletic Advisory Committee and PCA with the Office of Career Development. In the future, Samaree hopes to attend law school and become a judge.

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