August 15, 2020
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Fast food breakfasts that outshine the paper bag

Fast food usually gets a pretty bad reputation, but that bad reputation isn’t always warranted.

Chicken in the form of nuggets and sandwiches as well as french fries, not to mention a relatively solid deal, is enough to make a trip to Wendy’s, Taco Bell, or McDonald’s worth it. 

But with the rise of fast food breakfast’s popularity, which chain truly reigns supreme in the morning?

#1 McDonald’s McGriddle

This is the best option by a pretty sizable margin. 

The recipe is simple: it’s like any other breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg, and cheese. 

Except with the McGriddle, the buns are made of pancake, but not just any pancakes, there are small pockets of warm syrup embedded in the pancake bun. 

The sausage has great flavor and if you get the real egg on it this is a genuinely good sandwich. The American cheese and the price hold it back though. 

At the price of $2.99 it is by no means expensive, but it is not very big and it’s still McDonalds. 

If it was a dollar or so less it would be perfection.

#2 Wendy’s Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant with Potato Wedges and Frosty-ccino

Photo by Josh Conturo

Your first question may be “why did you not try the Breakfast Baconator?” 

Well, the Breakfast Baconator is the same as a normal Baconator but with egg. 

The Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant firstly has an atrocious lack of crunch; rather, it has a distinct “fresh from the microwave” kind of vibe. 

It’s not necessarily soggy, but the chicken breading, bacon, and croissant all desperately need more texture. 

Plus, it has a premium price of $3.99, but it is not a premium product. 

However, besides those points, this is a really good tasting sandwich, especially the brilliant maple syrup sauce. Think more chicken and waffles in the form of a sandwich. 

Plus, if you get the whole package, the potato wedges, and the Frosty-ccino, the meal steps it up a notch. 

The fries are fluffy on the inside and crunchy outside, not to mention beautifully seasoned. 

The Frosty-ccino is essentially just a melted frosty with pebble ice and a splash of coffee, not bad, but not great either. It’s about $2 so the price is understandable.

#3 Taco Bell Breakfast Crunch Wrap

This is the worst option by a considerable margin. 

The tortilla is soft where you want it to be soft and crunchy where you want it to be crunchy, but that isn’t where the goodness ends. 

Photo by Mike Mozart on Flickr.

The surely batch-made scrambled eggs are somehow both tasteless and textureless at the same time, and the sausage does not really add much of anything to the breakfast. 

I did also test the mild, hot, and diablo sauces; the mild has a so-so flavor and no heat, the hot has a decent flavor and perfect heat, and the diablo is purely heat. 

Plus, at a final price of $2.99, why would you get this when you could get a McGriddle?

  • Josh Conturo is a reporter for the Chimes and a sophomore studying emerging media with an emphasis on journalism, and loves all things related to cars, coffee, and comedy.

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