May 19, 2024

Living on campus? Here’s the housing rundown for the 2024-2025 school year

Capital University Apartments features 30 apartments with full kitchens and an elevator.

Photo by Megan Martinez

The residential environment is a major part of the so-called “college experience” thanks to the pop culture craze, but applying for housing can feel overwhelming. The Office of Residential and Commuter Life aims to make the process as painless as possible.

The deadline for the on-campus housing applications and $100 deposit on eRezlife is March 27 for current university students. 

Housing selection times will be sent out via email with a specific time and details about the process on April 1. Times are based on class rank and are subsequently assigned randomly. 

Rising seniors, considered to have 90+ credits, have selection on April 9; rising juniors with 60+ credits select housing on April 10; and rising sophomores with 30+ credits select their housing on April 11.

Once students have their time, they will be able to log into eRezlife to view the spaces available and set housing selection preferences. Housing selection days are April 9-11.

Students may set their preferences in the “Housing overview” tab on eRezlife by searching for specific rooms that are vacant to view specifically during their housing selection time. 

When it comes to selection time, students can click “Pending Items” under the “Housing” tab in order to browse through the available rooms. Once a student has identified which space they would like, they can select it and click “Choose this bed.”

If living with roommates, students can verify who will be in each room of the residence after they have reviewed the information about the living space itself. Then, they have the opportunity to review the assignment and select a meal plan.

Between residence halls and the neighborhood, housing options vary for students who want to live on campus. 

The university offers 24 Capital Commons Apartments for juniors and seniors with a 2.7 GPA. Apartments are fully furnished for 3 to 4 residents along with a community beach volleyball court. Photo by Megan Martinez

Traditional residence halls that will be available for next year include Schaaf Hall, Cotterman Hall and Saylor-Ackerman Hall. Suite style living will include Trinity Suites and College Avenue Hall.

Schaaf Hall, Cotterman Hall and Saylor-Ackerman Hall are available for all students; Lohman Complex will remain closed. College Avenue Hall and Trinity Suites will also be available for non-first year students.

The neighborhood includes Sheridan and College Avenue houses, Capital University Apartments and Capital Commons. These housing options are only for rising juniors and seniors. 

All of these residential styles have free access to washers and dryers within the building. The non-traditional housing options have kitchen areas in each unit.

Students who want to live in the neighborhood must meet the eligibility requirements of “60+ Credits, 2.75 GPA, Good Conduct Standing,” said Jon Geyer, director of residential and commuter life, in an email.

All students in each housing group must meet these requirements if they are going to get into neighborhood housing. 

Students that want to live with roommates must create a roommate group on the eRezlife website after every potential roommate has submitted their application and deposit.

The Office of Residential and Commuter Life has offered resources for students interested in learning more regarding housing selection and requirements, such as information sessions about the process, roommate groups, open house tour times and roommate mixers.

For students who were unable to attend the open house times to tour the various types of residential styles, there are videos touring a room in Schaaf Hall and the Capital Commons apartments on YouTube and tours in the Highlights section of the ResLife Instagram account, @capreslife.

A variety of living styles are showcased in the Highlights, including a room in Saylor-Ackerman Hall, a suite in College Avenue Hall, a Trinity Suite, a Capital University Apartment, a Capital Commons apartment and an example of the Sheridan and College Avenue houses. The Instagram also contains updates to housing selection deadlines and information about the process.

Floor plans for current and former housing through the university as well as much of this synthesized information are available through the “Resources” tab on eRezlife

For students with questions, drop-in hours in the Office of Residential and Commuter Life in the Harry Moore Student Union Room 119 are from Monday through Friday from 3-4 p.m.


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