May 19, 2024

March crossword answer key


1. Month of fasting observed in Islam

6. Darth ___, Sith Lord 

10. Baldwin, of “Beetlejuice”

11. A compact substance, or describing a stupid person

12. Ambrose, American author of “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

13. “__ as a bug in a rug.”

15. Hot or cold drink made from steeping leaves

16. Hindu festival of colors

17. Acronym for affected driving by drugs or alcohol 

18. The first name of Cartman or Clapton

22. What might get called “pop” in the midwest 

23. A very long period of time

24. To droop or sink downward 

25. To encourage or assist someone to commit a crime 

26. “Red Wine Supernova” singer Chappell

27. Tampon alternative, or thin cushion 

29. Infamous final Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty 

30. Solid state of water

35. The peak of something, the top predator of the food chain

36. __ Spritz, orange cocktail made with prosecco 

38. The risings and fallings of the sea 

39. Capital of Italy

40. Abbreviation for a class in stocks and finance

41. Word for “blessed” or “happy” that comes after 1 across

6. See-through material similar to a net 

7. Latin for “year” 

8. A Fremen name of Paul Atreides 

9. A unit of a Roman army, or a great number of people

14. Most famously Julius

19. __Cop, 1987 film about a droid officer 

20. A thought or suggestion 

21. A plant attractive to felines 

23. King of an imperial state, Augustus was the first in Rome 

24. An assembly of representatives, originating in ancient Rome

28. Member of an evil cyborg alien race of “Dr. Who,”  “Exterminate, annihilate, DESTROY!”

30. A long, heroic poem

31. Another chance at something 

32. Strong draft cattle 

34. Actor Michael of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”

36. Aladdin’s monkey friend 

37. German grandma


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