July 14, 2024

Coca-Cola Move x Rosalia flavor review

After launching Coca-Cola’s new creation initiative, which is the introduction of limited-edition products and collaborations, Coke is back with a unique flavor inspired by international superstar, Rosalia.

Just like the Spanish sensation’s genre-blending music, the new flavor is pushing boundaries with its “transformation-flavored” sip that is seriously unique. 

The Coca-Cola x Rosalia product was announced earlier this year. According to the brand, “Coca-Cola Move” presents “a mix of bold and delicate flavors.”

When comparing this flavor to “Dream” and “Starlight,” it has a more bold taste.

This is the second artist collaboration Coca-Cola has done with the creation of a new drink flavor. The first collaboration was with the famous artist and DJ, Marshmello.

Marshmello’s collaboration with Coca-Cola featured a strawberry watermelon flavor, a great flavor to introduce at the beginning of the summer.

Opening the Rosalia bottle gives a familiar scent that is noticeably representative of the Coke brand, with a hint of something that is a little bit more difficult to put your finger on.

The 12 oz. can showcases a distinctive pink, red, and white design. Photo taken by Carter Campbell.

When taking the first sip of the drink, it gives off the unique Coke flavor, then near the aftertaste, there is more of a creamy flavor like a cream soda or coconut. 

Serving as the first drop of 2023 for Coca-Cola Creations, “Coca-Cola Move” was co-created with the artist and “brings the transformational power of music to life.”

Aside from this fantastic collaboration with Coca-Cola, Rosalia has a lot in the works this year. The 30-year-old musical artist will take the stage at this year’s Coachella event.

Coca-Cola is sure to have plenty of future collaborations planned with various artists, so many fans are keeping an eye out for when their favorite artist releases a specialty drink.


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