December 5, 2021

Mountain Dew Cake smash and Flamin’ Hot flavor additions

Mountain Dew has been releasing a variety of unique flavors, but not all of them have hit the mark.

On July 20, 2021 Mountain Dew released their new flavor, Cake Smash, as an exclusive to their website. The first 250 orders came with a party pack that included cups and various other party-themed items.

Within a few hours, the flavor was sold out and no longer available for purchase. Towards the end of summer on Aug. 17, 2021 the company announced that they would be restocking the new flavor and a few hours later, they were sold out.

Mountain Dew Flaimin’ Hot and Moutain Dew Cake Smash

It is currently unknown how many packs of Cake Smash were produced, but what we do know is that there were not a lot of them. The retail price of a six-pack of the flavor was $12 plus shipping. Currently the cheapest resale price that I could find was $10 for a single can.

Luckily, I managed to get my hands on some Mountain Dew Cake Smash. Even luckier, I bought it before the prices rose way up.

To put it simply, it tastes like a birthday cake with more of a vanilla flavoring. It also has the citrus present from most Mountain Dew flavors. In my opinion, it captures the essence of a birthday party very well.

It is not quite at the level that Baja Blast is at, but I think it comes pretty close and it was worth paying the resale price for it.

Speaking of exclusive Mountain Dew, it’s time to talk about Flamin’ Hot. Mountain Dew Flamin’ Hot was released on Aug. 31. It was also an exclusive flavor to the online store, and it sold out within an hour of its release.

It was only available to people within certain area codes but fortunately, the city of Columbus was included.

On the day of release, I tried to get a can but because so many people were on the website at once, I was unable to get my purchase before they sold out. So yet again I was forced to turn to a reseller.

Unfortunately the cheapest price for a six-pack that I heard of was $70. I split it three ways with two of my friends so that we could all at least try it.

I paid roughly $25 for two cans of mountain dew and I quickly realized that was a mistake.

Mountain Dew Flamin’ Hot is probably the worst flavor that I have ever tasted. The normal Citrus is present but the spice really isn’t present until after you have swallowed the drink.

It makes you feel like you have a sore throat and doesn’t really taste spicy. Granted, it did make my friends and I cough. 

It was overall a bad experience and in great contrast to when we tried Cake Smash. Worse even than Mountain Dew Major Melon. 

Hopefully the company will restock Cake Smash, but as of right now there is no reason to believe so. With the release of Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple as a Kroger exclusive flavor it seems that the company has moved on. 

I hope my review has offered some insight for if you want to try the new flavor. As always you should “Do the Dew.”

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