October 25, 2021

Opinion: New Mountain Dew flavors available at Speedway

Speedway is offering two unique Mountain Dew flavors, but stocks won’t last long. 

When Speedway is mentioned, what image pops into your head? Probably a mediocre gas station chain that gets roped in with Marathon or Exxon. But for people passionate about Mountain Dew, the story is a little different.

Currently, Speedway is the only franchise in the United States to have two location-exclusive Mountain Dew Flavors in circulation at the same time.

Those Flavors are Mountain Dew Cyclone and Mountain Dew Spark.

Mountain Dew Cyclone was released to Speedways across the country in March 2019. It was later confirmed by Speedway that it was to replace Mountain Dew Pitch Black. 

It is only available from soda fountains which makes it difficult to enjoy anywhere outside of a Speedway.

The official description is that it is citrus punch flavored, which I agree with. It kind of tastes like a melting pot of different fruit flavors. It has a dark red color, not unlike Mountain Dew Code Red.

I would say that Cyclone is much like Speedway — mediocre. If I am at a Speedway and I saw it I would consider buying it, but ultimately I prefer the original flavor over Cyclone. 

It can also be difficult to enjoy because of the fountain limitation, making it hard to recommend this Mountain Dew flavor, but I do think that it is worth trying at least once.

Mountain Dew Spark is a different story. It had a limited supply release in August 2020, of which they sold out rather quickly. In August 2021, they started another limited supply release to Speedway that is currently ongoing.

They were released in 20-ounce plastic bottles and the official description of the flavor is raspberry lemonade. 

In my opinion, this is one of the weaker flavors that they have put out recently. It is sweet with hints of lemons, but then has a bitter aftertaste. In my opinion, this aftertaste completely ruins the drink.

For the bottle that I bought, I had to hold my nose to finish. It was a rather unpleasant experience for me, overall. I was disappointed because I really liked the racecar label art that was featured on the bottle. 

The thing is, I don’t really want  to buy a bottle of Mountain Dew simply because I enjoy the art. I really don’t recommend this flavor to anyone, as I do not believe it properly captures the flavor of a raspberry lemonade. 

In my opinion, Mountain Dew Spark is way too bitter to enjoy. Major Mellon is worse, but Spark is still quite bad.

If you want to try either of these flavors, you can currently buy both of them at the Speedway on Livingston Avenue, which is within walking distance of campus.

The next flavor release is rumored to be Ginger Snapped, but no official announcement has been made. Until next time, check out this other Chimes article on unique Mountain Dew flavors.

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