May 27, 2022

Reviewing First Corner Bubble Tea Shop

First Corner Bubble Tea Shop is new to the Bexley dining scene, but how does it hold up?

In the last few years, you may have noticed more and more little tea shops popping up in downtown Columbus. 

Pictures on Instagram for these shops show aesthetic cups filled with colorful milk tea and interesting little bubbles at the bottom of cups. These bubbles, better known as tapioca pearls, are the heart of the bubble tea craze — a craze that is now making its way to Bexley, Ohio, specifically near and dear to Capital University’s campus. 

First Corner Bubble Tea Shop on East Main is the first solely bubble tea shop in Bexley. It is located in the connected unit to Snap fitness. With 37+ teas ranging from milk to frozen, it is sure to have something for everyone. 

I recently visited with a friend to see just how good it was, or rather how it compares to the multiple other bubble tea shops around Columbus. 

When entering, guests are met with a pleasing and inviting atmosphere. Cute signs and decor deter one from noticing the workout studio connected to the shop. 

There is an online ordering table which I immediately stashed in my mind for a later date, knowing I would frequent it even if it did not live up to all my standards. 

My friend has pointed out an ad run on Instagram from the shop showcasing their new brown sugar milk tea flavor. I am usually a Thai or coconut girl, but the brown sugar piqued my interest. 

Our barista offered a punch card to me, which I quickly took. There is only one size option for the teas, which I honestly enjoy as there is nothing worse than running out of bubble tea. The cups are decently sized, bigger than Bubbles at Easton Town Center. 

After my name was called and I satisfyingly popped the top with my straw, I took my first sip. The mix of brown sugar molasses and sweet milk was mouthwatering and absolutely fantastic. 

Brown sugar bubble tea. Photo taken by Amber Schaile

My first bubble was a bit firmer than I liked and smaller than some I’ve had before, but I know nothing about cooking tapioca pearls so it may be over or undercooked to an expert. The main issue I ran into was the ice. 

Ice is not something I love in my bubble tea. I find that it usually overtakes the drink, which is exactly what it did in this case. Bubbles melt into the ice and are impossible to get out, the amount of milk tea you think you have decreased rather quickly when 80% of the drink is ice. 

My $5 drink was gone in all of ten minutes. I do wonder if you could ask for less ice, or if that would take away from the ratio the baristas have down. I did feel unimpressed by this realization, and my friend and I both wondered if we should return. 

Overall, I would probably return to First Corner Bubble Tea Shop if not for anything but convenience. Having a punch card definitely helps in their favor as I would like a discounted drink to help with my already flat wallet. 

The walk is short and the drink, if even for the first couple of minutes, was very tasty. I would probably choose Little Moon Cafe and Tea for a no-ice drink that I know would last me a bit longer, or ZenCha next door which has been serving bubble tea for a couple of years now. 

Either way, if you have the chance I would suggest trying out some new flavors and experiencing the shop yourself. 

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