September 28, 2022

The Top iPad Accessory Recommendations for Students

Just as there are a ton of apps for the iPad, there are also a ton of accessories to choose from. 

For me there were plenty that I found to be super helpful that I cannot recommend enough. 

I also want to advertise a few things that even if I do not use, others might. I’m going to break this up into two sections: Protection and Ease of Use.

Protection Accessories

For protection, I would recommend an iPad case as the first most important accessory. If you drop your iPad, you obviously do not want it to break, so you can save yourself that hassle by heading over to Amazon, where one can find really great deals. 

Personally, I went with the Akkerds Case as it is pretty sturdy for only $13.

You can also find carrying cases for very cheap in the $10-$25 range. I would only recommend these if you plan to also buy other accessories like a wired or wireless mouse or keyboard. 

They don’t add particularly more protection, unless you are prone to keeping large heavy objects in your bag with the iPad. 

Finally, you can also buy a screen protector for your iPad, but I have found they make the screen either much too reflective or, in the case of paper-like screen protectors, there is a noticeable loss of screen quality. 

If you want that extra piece of mind or if you really don’t like using the pen on the glass surface, go for the screen protector. They are anywhere from $10 for a regular tempered glass protector to $40 for a paper-like protector. 

Ease of Use

For ease of use, I personally would recommend a Bluetooth keyboard. There are a ton of affordable options and I truly think it has been the most helpful for me. The one I bought was the Logitech K380 for $30, but you can find them for as cheap as $15 on Amazon. 

There are case options with built-in keyboards that are also very nice, but be prepared to pay a bit more if you want a quality keyboard case. These range anywhere from $30-$70. 

I personally have found that if you are treating your iPad more like a laptop, the keyboard is super helpful, but the mouse has been widely unnecessary. 

However, if you want to go for a desktop setup with your iPad, I would highly recommend a quality stand, and a mouse to go with it. 

For most purposes, a generic wireless mouse is fine, but I would recommend you go with anything made by Logitech, as they make cheap, quality mice. These tend to be $15 and up.  

You really can’t go wrong with buying any iPad stand, but I would personally recommend you avoid the plastic options and stick with something like aluminum or steel. These are as cheap as $15. 

Finally, if you are going with that desktop setup or want something closer to a laptop from the iPad, I would highly recommend a USB-hub. 

On top of adding several USB ports, they can also add SD card readers, extra audio jacks, HDMI out, and ethernet. Although these can be anywhere from $15-$50 depending on what you’re looking for. 

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