June 23, 2024

Internship spotlight: where Capital students are interning

Internships serve the purpose of teaching students how their field of choice operates in a real-world setting and may act as a stepping stone into a career. The Capital students below utilized their internships to gain experience and to grow professionally. 

Joy Ayinde, a second-year Biological Sciences major, interned at Cornell University as a Food Science Summer Scholar. Ayinde discovered her internship through researching on Google. 

Joy Ayinde was a Food Science Summer Scholar at Cornell University. Photo courtesy of Joy Ayinde.

Ayinde believes doing well in her classes at Capital, as well as utilizing Academic Success, helped her to receive this internship. During the internship, Ayinde conducted experiments and completed research about pea proteins. 

“Doing the experience made me learn more about research. Sometimes your experiment won’t go as planned and you have to repeat the experiment,” Ayinde said. “So being patient and knowing [that], even if it doesn’t go as planned, you can always take a step back and think about what you did wrong and do it again. You don’t give up.”

Ayinde suggests this internship to anyone who is interested in research, food science, or medical school. 

Angelina Booher, a fourth-year History major, interned at the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee. She discovered this internship through an email from the Handshake app. 

Angelina Booher was an intern at the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee. Photo courtesy of Angelina Booher.

Booher believes going to Career Development and having them look over her resume and getting interview tips increased her chances of receiving this internship.

Booher described what she did day-to-day at her internship: “Most of what I did was like constituent work … inmates from all the correctional institutions in Ohio would write letters to this committee detailing the issues in the prisons,” Booher said. “Our job as interns was to highlight what those issues were … We had to look through proper Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections policy or like the Ohio administrative rules and find out what applied…”

Through this internship, Booher discovered she wants to go into criminal law. She recommends the intership to other students, saying the staffers are great and always willing to work with you.

Kameron Crawford, a fourth-year Business Management major, was a carrier sales intern at C.H. Robinson. He discovered the internship through LinkedIn. Crawford believes that networking and making connections helped him receive this internship. 

Kameron Crawford was a carrier sales intern at C.H. Robinson. Photo courtesy of Kameron Crawford.

Crawford worked directly with truck drivers and dispatchers to sell them loads. Through the internship, Crawford stated he developed professionally and learned more about negotiaion skills.

“I think it was a very good experience; the Columbus office in particular is a lot of fun, [and] I think the internship overall is just very beneficial to anyone in the business field,” Crawford said. 

Andy Fullmer, an accounting major and spring 2023 graduate, interned for the Auditor of State as a financial audit intern. Fullmer discovered the internship through the Handshake website. 

Andy Fullmer was a Financial Audit Intern for Auditor of State. Photo courtesy of Andy Fullmer.

Fullmer stated he believes going to the Career Development office helped him to receive this internship; he even made about three or four visits. Through Career Development he did a resume-building workshop and a mock interview. 

Fullmer described what the internship was like: “Mostly working with excel … you were actually treated as like an incoming assistant auditor, [and] it was a great experience overall,” Fullmer said. “Really learning government accounting … I thought was very valuable information.”

Fullmer suggests this internship for getting a good base knowledge of auditing. 

Sara Gibson, a Vocal Music Education major and spring 2023 graduate, is currently interning with the Canton Symphony Orchestra. Gibson discovered this internship through an email from Handshake. 

Sara Gibson
Sara Gibson is an intern of community engagement and education with the Canton Symphony Orchestra. Photo courtesy of Sara Gibson.

Gibson made an appointment with Academic Success and received interview advice from her brother, who is a Business major, in order to prepare for her application. 

At her internship, Gibson works on making promotional materials and creating lesson plans that are distributed to different schools. 

Gibson highly recommends the internship to others in the music education field: “It has helped me make connections … It’s been great. It’s fulfilling for me to do that kind of work,” Gibson said. 

The students above have all gained valuable experience through their internships that will likely help them in their career search after graduation. All Capital students can utilize the Handshake app, Academic Success and Career Development to help with their internship search and application, just as many of these students did.


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