June 23, 2024

Reviewing Mountain Dew’s Purple Thunder

Over the summer, PepsiCo and Circle K collaborated to make an exclusive Mountain Dew Flavor for Circle K locations. 

The result of this collaboration was Mountain Dew Purple Thunder. Being marketed as “a mix of berry and plum,” this drink is available in soda fountains as well as 20-ounce bottles. In Canada, the flavor is available in 16-ounce cans. 

Luckily, there happens to be a Circle K that is really close to campus. It is on Petzinger Road, and is about a 6-minute drive away from campus. It is the first thing that comes up on Apple Maps if you search for Circle K.

Notably, this gas station also has Mountain Dew Golgi Citrus Strawberry, which is difficult to find on its own.

As of Sept. 10, they still have bottles in stock, but their soda fountain seems to always be stocked.

Now we get to the fun part: is Mountain Dew Purple Thunder any good? My answer is yes. The flavor is extremely unique. To my knowledge, no soda has tried selling berry-plum flavor at this scale, although I have seen it been done in juice before.

It’s not the greatest flavor I have ever tasted, but it is definitely solid. It is good enough that I would likely pick some up every time I find myself inside a Circle K, but not good enough for me to justify going out of my way to obtain it.

I do wish you could buy 12-pack cases of it, because I think it would sell enough to justify that option. I am, however, not surprised; the only exclusive flavors that are sold in 12-packs in the US are exclusive to grocery stores.

I would definitely recommend making the journey to at least try the flavor, as most people don’t have an opinion on a berry-plum flavor off the top of their head.

The rest of the year looks pretty exciting in the world of Mountain Dew. The fourth iteration of Mountain Dew VooDoo has been released for Halloween (every year they release a different mystery flavor for Halloween and reveal it at the end of October). 

There are also rumors circulating that Mountain Dew Pitch Black might be coming back, and fuel was added to the fire when PepsiCo registered a Trademark for Diet Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

Other than the trademark itself, none of this has been confirmed, and a trademark is not outright proof that PepsiCo is going to run something. Pitch Black is easily the most requested flavor by fans and is constantly teased on the Mountain Dew Twitter account, so this bodes well for Pitch Black fans.


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