March 28, 2020

Get to know your 2019 Homecoming Court

The 2019 Homecoming Court was announced Monday, Oct. 7 at 5 p.m. on the front lawn of the Alumni House, kicking off the festivities for Homecoming Week at the university.

Sierra Roberts, early childhood education major; Nic Smith, psychology and criminology major; Samantha Montanez, sociology, criminology, and psychology major; Liza Day, political science, Spanish, and international studies major; Dominique McIntyre, theatre and public relations major; Tronston J.  Williams, communications and electronic media and film major; Ishan Thapa, music major, film and media production minor; Thomas Hamrick, marketing and accounting major; Autumn Campbell, adolescent to young adult integrated language arts major, creative writing minor; and Malik Murray, music technology major, were announced as the members of the 2019 Homecoming Court.

Members of the court were chosen through an application and interview process. Once nominated by another student, anyone wishing to be part of the court had to apply and submit a resume. 

“Being a court member is more than a title; it’s an honor and privilege to represent your graduating class during a week that celebrates the generations of past, present, and future Cap family members,” Christa Serluco, associate director in the Student and Community Engagement Office, said to nominees in an email. 

The Homecoming Court Selection Committee, made up of students, faculty, and staff, reviewed the applications and resumes and chose students to interview for a spot on the court. From the interviews and applications, the five women and five men announced Monday were chosen for the 2019 Homecoming Court based on their involvement in organizations and leadership roles.

As part of the court, these senior students will get the chance to walk across the football field with an escort of their choosing during this Saturday’s football game.

Last year’s announcement came with a surprise: Andy Perna and Jack Spiller tied for the title of king, so both were crowned. This was the first time in Capital history two kings were crowned. Kelsey Mitchell was crowned as the 2018 Homecoming Queen.

Voting for 2019 Homecoming King and Queen is open until 5 p.m. Friday. Students can vote at the homecoming table or via the link on the Student and Community Engagement Office’s social media once using their student ID number. 

This year’s king and queen will be crowned at halftime during Saturday’s football game.

Sierra Roberts

Early Childhood Education major

Photo submitted by Sierra Roberts.

Hometown: Bellefontaine, Ohio

Organizations: Recruitment Chair, Phi Beta; Treasurer, Performing Arts to Serve Others (PATSO); Embrace; Capital University Education Society; third-year Resident Assistant; 2018 Summer Orientation Leader; America Reads Intern. 

Something I love about Capital: “Capital cares about people. It may seem simple, but this university cares about the people on our campus from students to faculty, staff, and even families. Capital sees you as a person first, then a student and all the other roles we have. The #CapFam encourages me to become the best version of myself by supporting me through every challenge and success!”

Someone I look up to: My high school Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Mount. She was a teacher that cared about our lives in and out of the classroom. Being a first-generation college student, I did not know how applications and scholarships worked. Mrs. Mount would let me come into her room every morning and she would sit and help me fill them out. She supported her students with her whole being. I really hope that one day I will make an impact on a student’s life the way she impacted mine. She is one of the strongest and most compassionate people I have ever met. I strive to show just as much compassion to the world as she showed me. 

What does it mean to be on homecoming court: It is honestly such an amazing experience. For me, it is an opportunity to represent the community that helped me become who I am today. Talk to me about 8 years ago and I never would have seen myself on a homecoming court, especially a collegiate one. I am so blessed and humbled to represent my #CapFam and hopefully make them proud to have me on court.

Liza Day

Political science, Spanish and international studies major

Photo submitted by Liza Day.

Hometown: Gahanna, Ohio 

Organizations you’re part of: President, Delta Phi Epsilon; Vice President, Student Government; President, Pi Sigma Alpha; President, Phi Sigma Iota; Orientation Leader, Transfer and International Intern in Admissions. 

Something you love about Capital: “I love #CapFam. It’s so dorky but so sweet. I say it all the time. 

Someone you look up to: “My parents! They’re so strong and calm; I’m trying to mirror their energy.”

What does it mean to you to be named part of this year’s Homecoming Court?: I am so, so humbled and happy. I love that I get to be a representative of our student body. Capital is one of the best things to happen to me and I truly love being here so much. It’s so cool to feel the love returned.

Nic Smith 

Psychology and criminology major

Photo by Heather Barr.

Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio 

Organizations: Ritual Chair, Sigma Alpha Beta; Vice President of Operations, Inter-Fraternal Council; President, Psi Chi; Student Leadership Assistant, Student and Community Engagement Office; Peer Career Advisor, Career Development. 

Something I love about Capital: “I love the warm and inclusive nature of Capital. No matter what you’re interested in or where you come from, you will find a place you belong.” 

Someone I look up to: “I definitely look up to my mom. She raised me as a single mom since I was seven-years-old while also getting her degree and working two jobs. She taught me strength and perseverance, to never give up and never stop fighting. She has always been proud of me and gave me the necessary push when I felt I could not handle things in life. I am so grateful for all she has done and she inspires me to work hard everyday.”

What it means to me: “Being named as part of the 2019 Homecoming Court truly means so much to me. I want to make an impact while in college and be more outgoing and involved than I ever was in high school. Being on Homecoming Court means that I kept that promise to myself and I am proud to represent Capital University.”

Samantha Montanez 

Sociology, criminology and psychology major 

Photo submitted by Samantha Montanez.

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio 

Organizations you’re part of: President, Student Government; Vice President, Students of Latinx Affinity; member, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Something you love about Capital: “One thing is so hard to choose, but if I have to pick one thing, I love the community. I truly love all the support we give one another, the way in which we all can have a shared experience in certain Capital traditions without ever having met, and just the overall love you feel when you are apart of the #CapFam.”

Someone you look up to: “I cannot choose one person because I look up to both of my parents. All that I do in my life is to make them proud and to be a reflection of the life they have given me and be a reflection of their teachings. My parents are my biggest role models, motivators, and inspiration. They are truly the greatest people I have ever met, and I am so blessed to have them as my parents. They have taught me so much about giving, what it means to be a servant leader, and what a good person is, even if they did not use those terms.”

What does it mean to you to be named part of this year’s Homecoming Court? “I am so blessed to be on Court and to be given the opportunity to represent Capital. I have worked so hard at Capital and have done so much because Capital has done so much for me. Capital has given me more opportunities to develop as a person than any other place could have. Capital has impacted me, and I will forever give back to the university that aided in my development as a person. With that said, this means more to me than just being Capital Royalty. It gives me great pride to represent my university on court and be on it with such amazing individuals. This honestly means the world, and again, I am blessed.  

Dominique McIntyre 

Theatre and public relations major 

Photo submitted Dominique McIntyre.

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Organizations you’re part of: President, Nu Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.; Secretary for SOLA, Students of Latinx Affinity; member, Students for the Advancement of Afrikan American Culture

Something you love about Capital: “Capital is a community. You can’t go two minutes without seeing someone you know. I love that it’s such a home-like environment.”

Someone you look up to: “My mother. She gives her all to everything she does. She is constantly volunteering in our community and helping people on a person-to-person level. I hope one day I can be just half of the woman she is.”

What does it mean to you to be named part of this year’s Homecoming Court?  It honestly means so much. Thinking back to my transition from high school to Capital. I was so nervous I wouldn’t find friends or somewhere I belonged. Looking back on that time, those scared feelings are unimaginable. That nervous girl would have never guessed she would be on Homecoming Court now.

Tronston J.  Williams

Communications and electronic media and film major

Photo submitted by Tronston J. Williams.

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Organizations you’re part of: Ebony Brotherhood Association, Students For the Advancement of Afrikan American Culture.

Something you love about Capital: “The direction we are moving towards with Diversity and Inclusion.”

Someone you look up to: Capital University’s Former Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Almar Walter.

What does it mean to you to be named part of this year’s Homecoming Court?: “Everything, being an integral part of this 2020 class — the class with vision, the class of visionaries — it’s an honor to be a piece in this puzzle of great representation and leadership.”

Ishan Thapa 

Music major, film and media production minor

Photo submitted by Ishan Thapa.

Hometown: Seria, Brunei (tiny country in Southeast Asia where I was born and raised but, technically, Kathmandu, Nepal). 

Organizations you’re part of: 

President, Interfaith Council; Senior Adviser, Global Student Association; member, Asian American Alliance; Sweetheart, Phi Beta.

Something you love about Capital: “I grew up as a third culture kid (TCK), which means that I grew up knowing I would inevitably have to move out of my childhood home and country with the uncertainty of where home would be next. As a result, I have always tended to put value in people, rather than places and found a home in them which is why I love the community and people at Capital because everyone I have met has been genuinely kind, caring and loving. Students, faculty and staff alike. The welcoming, friendly and family focused ethos of Capital is what, I believe, draws people that I can call home which is why I feel like I will always have a home at Capital.”

Someone you look up to: “Of course, my parents are people I look up to but, sticking to the spirit of #CapFam, someone I look up to is Pastor Drew. His genuine kindness, love and support for everyone, regardless of who they are, is something that motivates and inspires me and I cannot thank him enough for the knowledge and guidance he has given me in my interfaith work throughout my time here at Capital.”

What does it mean to you to be named part of this year’s Homecoming Court? 

“I see being named as part of this year’s Homecoming Court as an acknowledgment that I have helped and made a positive impact in at least one person, and that is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. So I am honoured, grateful, and humbled by everyone who nominated me. Thank you and congratulations to everyone on the Homecoming Court, as well as to those who were nominated!”

Thomas Hamrick 

Marketing and accounting major

Photo submitted by Thomas Hamrick.

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio 

Organizations: President and Peer Adviser, Honors Program; Fundraising Chair, Delta Sigma Pi; Senior Senator and Student Life Committee Chair, Student Government; Student Engagement Intern, Office of Student and Community Engagement.

Something I love about Capital: “I love the community that is the CapFam. Whenever I am talking to someone, whether it is an incoming student, prospective student, or a family, I always tell them that they should leave fifteen minutes early for class because it is impossible to walk across campus without stopping and talking to someone you know whether it is a fellow student, a professor, or someone in the administration. Capital is a family and I love everyone in it.”

Someone I look up to: “Definitely my mom. Growing up she sacrificed so much to give me the opportunities I have been so lucky to have. She works so hard and I am excited to walk across the field with her on Saturday.”

What does it mean to you to be named part of this year’s Homecoming Court: “I am so honored to be selected for Homecoming Court. I am so blessed to be able to call Capital University my home these past four years and I cannot even measure the amount of joy I have to represent this university. Everyone is so deserving of being on Homecoming Court and I am excited to stand alongside the friends I have made over these last four years.”

Autumn Campbell 

Adolescent to young adult integrated language arts and creative writing major

Photo submitted by Autumn Campbell.

Hometown: Loudonville, Ohio

Organizations: Secretary, Phi Beta; President, Sigma Tau Delta; member, Creative Writing Club; Intern, Student and Community Engagement Office; Capital University Education Society; Academic Success; America Reads; PATSO; Orientation Leader.

Something I love about Capital: “I love the sense of community and family that lives at this university. I have complete strangers give me compliments, comfort me when I’m sad, and treat me like I’m their best friends. I also love that I can pop into my professors’ offices whenever, and I will never be turned away. Everyone at Capital always has time for you, and if they don’t, they will make it.”

Someone you look up to: “My grandma, Jane Campbell. She is the most genuine, loving, and down to earth person I know.”

What does it mean to me to be named a part of this year’s Homecoming Court?

“The opportunity to represent our university in this way is a dream to me. I love Capital so much, it has truly become home to me. I cried when this school year started because I just don’t want to graduate. If I could stay here for the rest of my life, I would. I want other people to see my love for Capital and know that they do belong, and no matter their many struggles in life, anything is possible. My first year I was shy, scared, and alone. And now I’m representing the place I love proudly at homecoming in front of all our alumni.”

Malik Murray 

Music technology major

Malik Murray, member of Alpha Phi Alpha. Photo taken by Robert Cumberlander.

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Orgs: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated; Ebony Brotherhood Association

Something I love about Capital: “That I feel like an individual here, not a student ID number.”

Someone I look up to: Former Capital University Diversity and Inclusion Director, Almar Walter.

What being on the court means to me: “Being on the court makes me feel appreciated. I’ve spent much of my four years working to further the diversity and inclusion efforts at Capital on a student level, proactively leading conversations and creating spaces that encourage people of different backgrounds to come together in the spirit of collaboration and harmony. Getting the chance to represent Capital as part of the Homecoming Court feels like my passion for this school and its students is being recognized. I could not be more honored.”

For homecoming event information, times, and dates head to Cap Connect’s page.

To vote for the homecoming king and queen, click here.

  • Heather Barr is the current Editor-In-Chief of The Chimes and a senior at Capital University, studying Journalism and Professional Writing.

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