March 2, 2021

Tesla isn’t Worth the Hype: Here’s Why

Tesla is an odd company; they are worth more than any other automotive company in America at the moment, yet 2020 was the first year they have ever made a profit. 

They have been doing things differently for years and caught the electric car industry with its pants down over a decade ago. However, they are far from perfect, and not worth ALL the hype they get. 

First, the reasons they shouldn’t get the hype. Possibly the most prevalent one is cost, all Teslas are far too expensive. A bare-bones Model 3 will set you back just shy of $40,000 (so close to that magic 35K, and yet so far). Meanwhile, a fully loaded Model S Plaid + , the most expensive Tesla available, is $157,990. 

The styling is not all there either, particularly the Model Y. It looks like they just sort of forgot to style it. And the Model X is just the Model Y, but after eating a bowl of alfredo and a chocolate cake. 

The Infotainment and interior controls need work as well because they are one and the same. Tesla’s infotainment seems great and intuitive until you realize that you need to navigate to a sub-menu just to open the glovebox, adjust the stereo volume, or change the AC. 

Build quality has always been Tesla’s Achilles heel. Build quality is an aspect of the car that ranges from average at best to 1990’s Chrysler at worst–that is to say, awful. 

The culture surrounding Tesla is nothing short of mythical. The fact that owners are so passionate about their cars that it can seem that owning a Tesla is their entire personality. Don’t get me wrong, I support a passion for cars more than most people; but as a person, there is more to you than what you drive. And come on, buying into the Tesla game is like joining a cult. 

The handling is far from superior, as well. The Porsche Taycan, a direct rival to the Model S, is made by Porsche, meaning buyers get Porsche handling, steering, and a decent bit of driving involvement. Those things add up to a properly wonderful machine (so I’ve heard; I haven’t actually driven any of these cars) that handles in ways the Model S can’t conceive of. 

People have been wondering when Apple will release a car of their own. They might as well already have– four of them actually: the Tesla Models S, 3, X, Y. Tesla is so like Apple in the company’s tone, and just how they do things that it is uncanny. Both used to be lightyears ahead of the competition, but aren’t so much anymore, and they are both minimalist to the point it can actually make your life harder (see glovebox point).

Also, they are extremely gimmicky; what with the hyperspace button, ‘Ludicrous mode’ and programmable horns. Not to mention the self-driving feature, which is an eye watering $10,000 option and doesn’t quite let the car actually drive itself. Not to mention, that new steering wheel, good Lord. If there is one part of the car that should not be made worse it is the steering wheel. 

However, they do have some points of redemption, as well. The first of which is the gimmicks. I know I just dissed these but keep reading; the industry is so serious. Apart from Dodge, which drops engines that put NASCAR to shame in basically everything they make, no company except for Tesla really has a sense of humor. 

The looks can be pretty good as well (I know, I know, this is the last bout of hypocrisy, I promise). The Model S is one of the best looking family cars on sale today, period. 

The cars this Californian company churns out are actually really high quality all-rounders, according to nearly every car magazine on Earth. Read a review of a Model 3, and you won’t see much negativity. 

Lastly, due to Tesla, electric cars are the future, it is as simple as that. Fossil fuels are falling out of favor and Tesla has shown us that electric cars can truly be amazing. With environmentalists ramping up their attack on the car, the automobile will be able to live on, in part thanks to this once-plucky company.

  • Josh Conturo is a reporter for the Chimes and a sophomore studying emerging media with an emphasis on journalism, and loves all things related to cars, coffee, and comedy.

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